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Trinetra 1991 Full Hindi Movie
Duration 2h:32m:37
Language Hindi

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Movie Info :
Trinetra is the story of revenge of a son who lost his honest father to a group of evil minds It is the story of a son s infinitive love for his mother who lost her husband It is the story of a son s revenge on his father s killers Raja is an aspiring singer and gets a chance to sing in Dubai through Mr Singhania He informs his pregnant wife Seema and they look forward to a more prosperous life Before that could happen Raja finds out that Singhania is going to use him to carry drugs in his suitcase he objects to this and is brutally killed in the presence of his wife His wife flees the assailants and gives birth to a baby boy near the temple of Bhagwan Shri Shankar and names the boy Shiva Unmarried and childless Maria Fernandes sees the child and an apparently dead Seema and takes the child But Seema is still alive and is angered at being separated from her son She swears to avenge Raja s death and sets about to kill the assailants one by one She manages to kill one of them but before she could proceed on with her gruesome task she is arrested by the police and sentenced to jail for several years How will Seema avenge the death of Raja Will she escape from prison or wait till she is withered and old after the end of her sentence

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