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Autonagar Surya Returns 2017 Hindi Dubbed
Duration 1h:56m:52
Language Hindi

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Movie Info :
Viswas is a dhadar chasing beggers who attempts to buy in a supermarket and after he catches them and handovers to his brother Later his family members are introduced namely his older brother and his sister-in-law Viswas meets Rhea who is an only daughter of wealthy business tycoon who is concerned about money and growth but not about affection and love While Viswas is trying to get attention of Rhea he accidentally gets into a quarrel with a gang who does business with human trafficking He fights and frees some girls who were kidnapped and the gang leader Rahul dev tries to find Viswas and kill him Rhea s father sets up a proposal with another son of a business tycoon Amit Rhea is not interested The gang s owner soon finds out that Viswas s brother works for him and he tries to chase him down but Viswas beats everybody up He soon realizes that he has to save Rhea from her soon-to-be husband Rhea s fiance tries to kill her by locking her in a car and throwing the car into an ocean But Viswas saves Rhea The film ends with Viswas bringing Rhea out of the ocean in a blanket and the two are talking

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