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Baahubali Is Back 2017 Hindi Dubbed
Duration 2h:34m:8
Language Hindi

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Movie Info :
The Story is about Munna who is a college student His aim is to finish off mafia don Kakha who keeps the entire city under his grip Munna has personal vengeance to take on Kakha An honest politician Srinivasa Rao relentlessly works to expose Kakha but gets killed Meanwhile Munna s classmate Nidhi falls in love with him The twist in the tale is that Kakha is none other than his estranged father who tries to sell off his mother and was responsible for the death of his mother and his kid sister Another don in the city named Aatma who is the opposition of Kakha asks Munna to join him But Munna refuses his proposal Munna starts to beat Kakha and the mind game begins Kakha s second wife and son-daughter left him and join Munna After some incidents including the death of his best friend Munna finds out that Aatma was working for Kakha all along The two of them plan on killing him in a factory when all of a sudden Aatma turns against Kakha and Munna Kakha kills Aatma for the betrayal Having lost everything Kakha worked for in his life he suicides

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