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Dayavan 1988 Full Hindi Movie
Duration 2h:54m:52
Language Hindi

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Movie Info :
The movie story deals with Shakti Velu after having witnessed his dad being killed by the local police and being orphaned and homeless Shakti Velu develops a hatred and distrust of the police in India He is befriended by another homeless boy named Shanker who asks him to accompany him to Bombay s slums where they live with a kind-hearted Muslim named Karim Baba and his daughter Shama This is where Shakti and Shankar spend their childhood When they mature they take to petty crime Here too Shakti witnesses police brutality and atrocities especially at the hands of sadistic alcoholic and womanizing Police Inspector Ratan Singh When Karim Baba is arrested jailed and found hanging by his neck in police custody Shakti hunts down Ratan Singh and kills him in broad daylight in front of the several hundred people An investigation is launched but no one comes forward as a witness Thus Shakti gets his reputation as a Don with a good heart Dayavan Shakti marries local prostitute Neelu and has two children Suraj and Sarita He becomes even more powerful and influential all over Bombay and his working partners are powerful criminal dons who have ruled over Bombay for eons Shakti eventually replaces these dons and becomes Bombay s only Don This creates enemies for him and his family but he believes since he has not really done any harm to anyone he and his family will be safe It is this belief that will take a heavy toll on his life and that of his family when the truth dawns that he himself is responsible for being kind to a man who will ultimately bring forward ruin to the Velu family

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