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Paisa Yeh Paisa 1985 Full Hindi Movie Jackie Shroff
Duration 2h:33m:33
Language Hindi

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Movie Info :
Sukhiram lives in a small tenement in the city with his wife Shanti son Guddu and daughter Meena Huma Khan They treat him like a servant and would not even dream of helping him or his widowed sister Laxmi who lives in a village where she is shunned and taunted because of her widowhood One day Laxmi receives a letter informing her that she has inherited a lot of money and all of a sudden her life turns for the better The news also reaches Sukhiram whose family are all of a sudden anxious to have Laxmi come over and live with them Misfortune visits Laxmi when a lawyer informs that there is not much wealth left in the estate after paying off all debts and Laxmi s status returns back to being shunned and taunted Disgraced she leaves the village and goes to Sukhiram s where she is welcomed with open arms She and her brother pretend that she has inherited the wealth so as not to antagonize his family This partly succeeds in guaranteeing her welcome and her stay with Sukhiram s family and his adopted son Shyam and his lover a dancing girl named Sapna Laxmi is aware that sooner or later Shanti and her children will find out the truth and she will be turned out of her brother s house Movie - Paisa Yeh Paisa 1985 StarCast - Jackie Shroff Meenakshi Seshadri Deven Verma Bindu Gulshan Grover Music - Usha Khanna Directed By - Sohanlal Kanwar ----- Enjoy and stay connected with us to Goldmines Telefilms - Circle us on G goldminestelefilms on on goldmines movie goldmines Telefilms paisa yeh paisa 1985 full movie paisa yeh paisa songs paisa yeh paisa 1985 songs jackie shroff movies meenakshi seshadri movies jackie shroff meenakshi sheshadri movies usha khanna songs gulshan grover movies paisa yeh paisa 1985 80s romantic movies

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