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Bhoomi The Power of Earth 2017 Hindi Dubbed
Duration 2h:10m:26
Language Hindi

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Movie Info :
The Story is about Neelakantam is a village elder He has two daughters Subbalakshmi and Meenakshi The film begins with the elopement of Subbalakshmi with one Babu of the same village and he is a friend of Krishna The entire family of Neelakantam holes up the friends of Babu on the presumption that they helped him Krishna is also caught by the men of Neelakantam Krishna makes an attempt to escape from the village but can not do so after having a look at a beautiful girl who is none other than Meenakshi However he does not know that it is Neelakantam s younger child Though the entire situation is quite charged Krishna is on the look out of the girl to whom he loses his heart Before the interval bang the secret unravels Neelakantam s brother realises that it was Krishna who helped Babu in taking away Subbalakshmi in vizag On being questioned Krishna takes the entire gang to Hyderabad along with Meenakshi He tries to impress her whenever he gets an opportunity During the search for the girl an incident occurs and Neelakantam comes out in open and explains Krishna how a father of an eloped girl will be broken This turns an eye-opener for Krishna who decides to sacrifice his love Soon Neelakantam and his group find Subbalakshmi and her boyfriend But she makes it very clear that she will be happy only with her boyfriend and dares her father not to try to separate them Then Neelakantam has challenged to do his younger daughter marriege grandly with broken heart through his elder daughter what she did In the end Neelakantam comes to know that Meenakshi falls in love with Krishna However Krishna tells Neelakantam that he is against to separate him with his daughter But Neelakantam realizes the value of love and unites the lovers and the film ends on a happy note in the same place of Krishna was stopped his running for beautiful girl

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