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Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke 2001 Full Hindi Movie
Duration 2h:29m:28
Language Hindi

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Movie Info :
Two con artistes and car thieves Vicky and Sakshi are faced with death when they accidentally kill Bhanwarlal s brother Bhanwarlal and his other brother swear to avenge the death of their brother and mistakenly kill Rohit Verma is a look-alike of Vicky The mistaken identity causes Sakshi to think that Vicky is dead and she is devastated Meanwhile unknown to Sakshi and Bhanwarlal Vicky is alive and reaches Manali where he is constantly confused for Rohit On discovering Rohit s wealth Vicky realizes that he has hit the jackpot and decides to play along Soon Rohit s dad Pratap Verma arrives home to find Vicky in his bed

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